Synonyms for cardinal

Synonyms of cardinal:
  • (adj) central, fundamental, key, primal, important (similar term), of import (similar term)

  • (adj) zero (similar term), 0 (similar term), non-zero (similar term), one (similar term), 1 (similar term), i (similar term), ane (similar term), two (similar term), 2 (similar term), ii (similar term), three (similar term), 3 (similar term), iii (similar term), four (similar term), 4 (similar term), iv (similar term), five (similar term), 5 (similar term), v (similar term), six (similar term), 6 (similar term), vi (similar term), half dozen (similar term), half-dozen (similar term), seven (similar term), 7 (similar term), vii (similar term), eight (similar term), 8 (similar term), viii (similar term), nine (similar term), 9 (similar term), ix (similar term), ten (similar term), 10 (similar term), x (similar term), eleven (similar term), 11 (similar term), xi (similar term), twelve (similar term), 12 (similar term), xii (similar term), dozen (similar term), thirteen (similar term), 13 (similar term), xiii (similar term), fourteen (similar term), 14 (similar term), xiv (similar term), fifteen (similar term), 15 (similar term), xv (similar term), sixteen (similar term), 16 (similar term), xvi (similar term), seventeen (similar term), 17 (similar term), xvii (similar term), eighteen (similar term), 18 (similar term), xviii (similar term), nineteen (similar term), 19 (similar term), xix (similar term), twenty (similar term), 20 (similar term), xx (similar term), twenty-one (similar term), 21 (similar term), xxi (similar term), twenty-two (similar term), 22 (similar term), xxii (similar term), twenty-three (similar term), 23 (similar term), xxiii (similar term), twenty-four (similar term), 24 (similar term), xxiv (similar term), twenty-five (similar term), 25 (similar term), xxv (similar term), twenty-six (similar term), 26 (similar term), xxvi (similar term), twenty-seven (similar term), 27 (similar term), xxvii (similar term), twenty-eight (similar term), 28 (similar term), xxviii (similar term), twenty-nine (similar term), 29 (similar term), xxix (similar term), thirty (similar term), 30 (similar term), xxx (similar term), thirty-one (similar term), 31 (similar term), xxxi (similar term), thirty-two (similar term), 32 (similar term), xxxii (similar term), thirty-three (similar term), 33 (similar term), xxxiii (similar term), thirty-four (similar term), 34 (similar term), xxxiv (similar term), thirty-five (similar term), 35 (similar term), xxxv (similar term), thirty-six (similar term), 36 (similar term), xxxvi (similar term), thirty-seven (similar term), 37 (similar term), xxxvii (similar term), thirty-eight (similar term), 38 (similar term), xxxviii (similar term), thirty-nine (similar term), 39 (similar term), ixl (similar term), forty (similar term), 40 (similar term), xl (similar term), twoscore (similar term), forty-one (similar term), 41 (similar term), xli (similar term), forty-two (similar term), 42 (similar term), xlii (similar term), forty-three (similar term), 43 (similar term), xliii (similar term), forty-four (similar term), 44 (similar term), xliv (similar term), forty-five (similar term), 45 (similar term), xlv (similar term), forty-six (similar term), 46 (similar term), xlvi (similar term), forty-seven (similar term), 47 (similar term), xlvii (similar term), forty-eight (similar term), 48 (similar term), xlviii (similar term), forty-nine (similar term), 49 (similar term), il (similar term), fifty (similar term), 50 (similar term), l (similar term), fifty-one (similar term), 51 (similar term), li (similar term), fifty-two (similar term), 52 (similar term), lii (similar term), fifty-three (similar term), 53 (similar term), liii (similar term), fifty-four (similar term), 54 (similar term), liv (similar term), fifty-five (similar term), 55 (similar term), lv (similar term), fifty-six (similar term), 56 (similar term), lvi (similar term), fifty-seven (similar term), 57 (similar term), lvii (similar term), fifty-eight (similar term), 58 (similar term), lviii (similar term), fifty-nine (similar term), 59 (similar term), ilx (similar term), sixty (similar term), 60 (similar term), lx (similar term), threescore (similar term), sixty-one (similar term), 61 (similar term), lxi (similar term), sixty-two (similar term), 62 (similar term), lxii (similar term), sixty-three (similar term), 63 (similar term), lxiii (similar term), sixty-four (similar term), 64 (similar term), lxiv (similar term), sixty-five (similar term), 65 (similar term), lxv (similar term), sixty-six (similar term), 66 (similar term), lxvi (similar term), sixty-seven (similar term), 67 (similar term), lxvii (similar term), sixty-eight (similar term), 68 (similar term), lxviii (similar term), sixty-nine (similar term), 69 (similar term), ilxx (similar term), seventy (similar term), 70 (similar term), lxx (similar term), seventy-one (similar term), 71 (similar term), lxxi (similar term), seventy-two (similar term), 72 (similar term), lxxii (similar term), seventy-three (similar term), 73 (similar term), lxxiii (similar term), seventy-four (similar term), 74 (similar term), lxxiv (similar term), seventy-five (similar term), 75 (similar term), lxxv (similar term), seventy-six (similar term), 76 (similar term), lxxvi (similar term), seventy-seven (similar term), 77 (similar term), lxxvii (similar term), seventy-eight (similar term), 78 (similar term), lxxviii (similar term), seventy-nine (similar term), 79 (similar term), ilxxx (similar term), eighty (similar term), 80 (similar term), lxxx (similar term), fourscore (similar term), eighty-one (similar term), 81 (similar term), lxxxi (similar term), eighty-two (similar term), 82 (similar term), lxxxii (similar term), eighty-three (similar term), 83 (similar term), lxxxiii (similar term), eighty-four (similar term), 84 (similar term), lxxxiv (similar term), eighty-five (similar term), 85 (similar term), lxxxv (similar term), eighty-six (similar term), 86 (similar term), lxxxvi (similar term), eighty-seven (similar term), 87 (similar term), lxxxvii (similar term), eighty-eight (similar term), 88 (similar term), lxxxviii (similar term), eighty-nine (similar term), 89 (similar term), ixc (similar term), ninety (similar term), 90 (similar term), xc (similar term), ninety-one (similar term), 91 (similar term), xci (similar term), ninety-two (similar term), 92 (similar term), xcii (similar term), ninety-three (similar term), 93 (similar term), xciii (similar term), ninety-four (similar term), 94 (similar term), xciv (similar term), ninety-five (similar term), 95 (similar term), xcv (similar term), ninety-six (similar term), 96 (similar term), xcvi (similar term), ninety-seven (similar term), 97 (similar term), xcvii (similar term), ninety-eight (similar term), 98 (similar term), xcviii (similar term), ninety-nine (similar term), 99 (similar term), ic (similar term), hundred (similar term), one hundred (similar term), 100 (similar term), c (similar term), hundred and one (similar term), one hundred one (similar term), 101 (similar term), ci (similar term), one hundred five (similar term), 105 (similar term), cv (similar term), one hundred ten (similar term), 110 (similar term), cx (similar term), one hundred fifteen (similar term), 115 (similar term), cxv (similar term), one hundred twenty (similar term), 120 (similar term), cxx (similar term), one hundred twenty-five (similar term), 125 (similar term), cxxv (similar term), one hundred thirty (similar term), 130 (similar term), cxxx (similar term), one hundred thirty-five (similar term), 135 (similar term), cxxxv (similar term), one hundred forty (similar term), 140 (similar term), cxl (similar term), one hundred forty-five (similar term), 145 (similar term), cxlv (similar term), one hundred fifty (similar term), 150 (similar term), cl (similar term), one hundred fifty-five (similar term), 155 (similar term), clv (similar term), one hundred sixty (similar term), 160 (similar term), clx (similar term), one hundred sixty-five (similar term), 165 (similar term), clxv (similar term), one hundred seventy (similar term), 170 (similar term), clxx (similar term), one hundred seventy-five (similar term), 175 (similar term), clxxv (similar term), one hundred eighty (similar term), 180 (similar term), clxxx (similar term), one hundred ninety (similar term), 190 (similar term), xcl (similar term), two hundred (similar term), 200 (similar term), cc (similar term), three hundred (similar term), 300 (similar term), ccc (similar term), four hundred (similar term), 400 (similar term), cd (similar term), five hundred (similar term), 500 (similar term), d (similar term), thousand (similar term), one thousand (similar term), 1000 (similar term), m (similar term), k (similar term), ten thousand (similar term), hundred thousand (similar term), million (similar term), billion (similar term), billion (similar term), trillion (similar term), trillion (similar term), zillion (similar term), ordinal (antonym)

  • (noun) bishop

  • (noun) cardinal number, number

  • (noun) carmine, red, redness

  • (noun) cardinal grosbeak, Richmondena Cardinalis, Cardinalis cardinalis, redbird, finch

Coding cardinal
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